A celebrity beauty and fitness house offering glamorous beauty services. The sophistication of Rose Al Arbaji is mirrored by the owner, Rose Arbaji, a talented
Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert who gained her qualifications in the UK. Rose Al Arbaji salon, established in 2002 in Damascus,
has successfully opened 2 new branches in Beirut and Dubai.
The aim of this unique beauty salon is to become a leader in its industry.

Perm. makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup (Tattoo)

Permanent makeup, also called cosmetic tattooing, is gaining tremendous traction in health and beauty business. It helps you alter the way you look completely. Many people nowadays undergo permanent makeup treatments as they improve their personal and profe


Body Treatment & Massage

It is with the understanding of endless possibilities of human body that we embarked on a mission to find out the best procedures in body treatments. Body care through numerous techniques is a part of humanity since ancient times. Every culture that we know


Special Makeup

Do you want to turn the heads and grab the eyeballs with the elegance of your appearance? Or do you expand your personal charm to new heights? Yes, special makeup is made for you. They are influenced by popular culture or traditional values. In fact, each c

Nail Spa

Nail Spa

There are plenty of reason why you have to go to a nail spa rather than doing your manicure and pedicure at home. Besides being a venue for taking care of all kinds of nail care you require, it serves as your perfect retreat to escape from the stressful mod


Waxing & Threading

The growth of unwanted hair invariably puts you in embarrassing situations. Or the irregular and uneven hair sprouting on your face could spoil all your appealing features. Therefore, removal of them is vital for maintaining your appearance. Waxing and thre



Hammam is synonymous with luxury since ancient times. Kings, queens and well-off people in the society used to indulge in its pampering ambiance. It was also considered premium in health care treatments thanks to its wellness and relaxation benefits. Today,

Henna final


Henna is a valuable herbal remedy for hair problems as well as a natural alternative to embellish your hands and feet. In the UAE, henna is a well-known beauty care technique as a fair amount of population here hails from the Indian subcontinent where henna

Hair care

Hair Care

As for any woman, her hair is one of the most elegant and well-nurtured parts of her body. Quite often she’s conscious of her hair, always concerned about the health of each strand of them. As a sensitive section which is more prone to threats like ha


Facial & Skin Care

Our facial and skin care services aim to bring out the enchanting femininity concealed in your physique. The more you care for your body, the more flexible softer and shining it will become. As for the facials we provide, you can find an enormous selection

Hair dressing


Hairdressing can transform your look totally if executed properly by the skillful hands of a professional hairstylist. There are plenty of hairstyles that have influenced modern fashion trends, mostly due to the influence of Hollywood and celebrity culture.