Rose Arbaji

Rose Al Arbaji

About Rose Arbaji

Rose Arbaji is the most trusted image consultant in the Middle East. With her passionate devotion, Rose Arbaji has made a huge impact on the beauty care and celebrity styling sector of the region.

Rose has acquired various certifications from prestigious beauty academies across the world, which includes the certificates in fashion designing from the reputed ESMOD Academy, M.A.C, and Mediumistic Academy. She also sharpened her remarkable skills by studying in the best beauty academies and cosmetology institutes in France (Atelier De Paris), Germany (Purbo Medical Consultant), Italy, the USA, Canada and Lebanon. And she has been authorized by Institut Villa Pierrefeu, the renowned Swiss Finishing School for Etiquette, to conduct courses on the topics of professional and social etiquette.

Over the years, Rose has been serving as a personal image consultant for many Arab celebrities and film stars for their public performance, award ceremonies, and other promotional activities. During her splendid career, she’s had the great privilege to work with renowned singers and famous actresses from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and all other Arab countries. The popularity of her celebrity styling procedure has also gone beyond the constraints of the Arab world, as she is a preferred beauty consultant for many a celebrity in the USA, Italy and Russia.

Besides, Rose’s expert opinions and techniques on styling trends gets often featured in popular Arab fashion magazines and websites. Celebrities and all other beauty-conscious women eagerly await her features to apply these tricks and tips in their beauty care routine. She also educates and promotes the fashion industry by conducting regular courses in etiquette. These courses are developed to improve the self-confidence of Arab women and teach them how to behave gracefully in all kinds of situations in life.

Because of her profound influence in the region’s beauty industry, a host of experienced cosmetic surgeons in the Arab countries utilize her ideas while they carry out advanced surgeries for celebrities. And these invaluable experience by surgeons and stars by using Rose’s beauty treatment concepts are broadcast in a TV program widely popular in Arab countries.

 Considered as an authority in this field, she is invited to every influential international and local fashion events organized in the region. There she serves as an image consultant for models as well as a guest speaker on the topics related to image consulting, celebrity culture, and women empowerment. She often gets honored at functions held by government-backed women communities and centers for her great contribution to the beauty industry and women welfare programs. And as part of Rose Arbaji Lady’s salon’s corporate responsibility initiatives, she involves in many charity works, especially in regard to helping orphans, and children with special need and cancer in different countries.

Rose Al Arbaji

Who We Are

The first Rose Arabaji center was established in Damascus in 2004, followed by Beirut in 2010. Gradually, our beauty house achieved exceptional progress due to an innovative and customer-centric approach. Responding to the growing popularity of the brand, we launched our first branch in Dubai in 2013 with a special beauty care section and spa. Located in a luxurious and spacious setting in Jumeirah, it is the largest among our beauty salons.

Rose Arbaji beauty spa team treats you with an array of exceptional beauty care services in a lavish and relaxing ambiance.The broad range of services we provide includes make-up, hair styling, nail spa, permanent makeup, facial, massage, waxing, threading, henna, etc. We have a unique bridal beauty care service that begins from expert image consulting, resulting in a complete beauty styling solution for brides in the most momentous occasion of their life. The salon also offers seasonal make-up and unique dress code services according to your personal choices and physical appearance.

All team members of Rose Arbaji possess more than ten years’ of experience in beauty care, acquiring hands-on training in sophisticated cosmetic treatments. With their expertise, this unique beauty center can offer you specialist styling and body treatments you can’t experience anywhere else in this part of the world. Moreover, at the well-equipped fitness center here, which is managed by trained instructors, you can accomplish all your fitness goals— whether it is for slimming, toning up your muscles or maintaining a superb physique. 

To achieve optimum results, we use only International brand products in all its beauty styling procedures. Rose is authorized from these brands to use their products in all her beauty care treatments. Rose al Arbaji company has also stepped into the field of beauty products manufacturing with its top-grade eyelash and hair extensions products. These are produced under the expert guidance of Rose who monitor every minute detail of the manufacturing process, such as the shape, size, color, etc.

If you’re looking for a complete image makeover or want to undergo a unique celebrity styling technique, remember Rose Arbaji is at hand to achieve all your beauty aspirations. With a unique approach in her image consulting and beauty care strategies along with her humanitarian efforts, Rose has earned a loyal following across the region. Guided by her vision, the company is on a mission to make great changes in your life and make our world a better place to live in. Yes, it is not just a complete beauty house she has created, but rather an exceptional community of intelligent and beautiful women who strive for perfection in everything they do.

Our Vision

Establishing a reputation as the greatest lady salon business chain in the Middle East with outstanding beauty consultant services and a special focus on celebrity beauty care and associated services.
Maintaining the iconic status that Rose has built in beauty world within a short time, which reflects the tremendous efforts she put in the empowerment of the women community.

Our Mission

Enriching the lives of women by providing world-class cosmetic solutions that eliminate their unattractive appearance, bringing out the best of their inner and external beauty features.
Providing rejuvenating body treatment services that help women reach their real physical potential.