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Special Makeup

Do you want to turn the heads and grab the eyeballs with the elegance of your appearance? Or do you expand your personal charm to new heights? Yes, special makeup is made for you. They are influenced by popular culture or traditional values. In fact, each country around the world possesses their own methods of unique makeup systems. When Rose al Arbaji opened its flagship outlet in Dubai, our aim was to offer the rich tradition of Arabian aesthetic concepts perfectly aligned with modern beauty enhancing procedures. Our special makeup services are designed to cater to the varying requirements of different nationalities living in the UAE.

Makeup for celebrities is the central part of our special makeup services. Having gained the premium position as the best beauty salon for celebrities in the Middle East, Rose al Arbaji has been a catalyst for the evolution of the celebrity beauty sector in this region. We achieved it through our relentless quest for creating engaging styles and designs to transform your body. The special makeup we apply to your body aims to evoke particular emotion in your look, sensitivity, and overall beauty. 

As for the UAE, the aspirations when it comes to special makeup are a bit different from that of other countries in the Middle East. It’s a much splendid and colorful ways they prefer following their traditional aesthetic concepts. We have a team of professional makeup specialists who have developed unique styles basing on the interests of the Emiratis. Also, we have different varieties of special makeup services for all of you—it doesn’t matter where you are coming from in our special makeup sessions. Our aim is to go beyond your expectation with creative design and artistic precision.

Another specialty of Rose al Arbaji is our bridal makeup service which is part of our premium services. It is developed according to the characteristic of the wedding function. We use a variety of makeup procedures in this segment, and our beauticians go to great lengths to prepare brides in the most appealing state in their lives.

It’s not only the wedding, but our special makeup services encompass every special occasion in your life. It can be a public celebration or a family gathering or virtually any auspicious time in your life. With Rose al Arbaji, you can flaunt your smoky eyes, dewy skin, and rose-bitten lips to the world proudly. This is an exclusive segment where you can come into contact with the contemporary makeup techniques in the world, which include celeb’s favorite ones as well as techniques emerged from cultures which have remarkable artistic values. 
With the help of our services, mainly focusing on the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE, it’s time to take a plunge into the enchanting glamor world.

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