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Semi-Permanent Makeup (Tattoo)

Permanent makeup, also called cosmetic tattooing, is gaining tremendous traction in health and beauty business. It helps you alter the way you look completely. Many people nowadays undergo permanent makeup treatments as they improve their personal and professional life inexplicably.A slight modification on your lips, eyebrows, nose or face can create a drastic effect on your appeal. It might be a long time you’ve been thinking about a total makeover on your appearance, but the lack of knowledge on this procedure and a reliable beauty expert might have held you back to take your life-changing decision.You can give up on that worry as Rose al Arbaji beauty salon is gifted with professional permanent makeup artists who have changed the destiny of many women with meticulous services.

Drawing on our experience in permanent makeup and capitalizing on the advanced technology, we guarantee you optimum results which will modify your sensitive body parts. Permanent tattooing requires in-depth knowledge of scientific procedures along with the creative flair from those who execute it. That’s why we hire only certified aestheticians with tremendous experience. The technology and equipment we utilize are the most sophisticated ones available in the market. If you are seeking out a permanent fix for your physique, we are your best bet in the UAE to attain that extraordinary effect on your body.

Being a complicated process in which even a small mistake will cause irreparable damages to your skin and other areas of the body, every precautionary step should be taken before permanent makeup is applied. While carrying out permanent makeup, we conduct tests on your skin condition to evade any potential threat due to an allergic reaction when the skin interact with the pigment used.

You will also get advice on which type of face makeup or tattooing will be more appropriate for your shape from our beauticians. By obtaining our permanent makeup services, you can say goodbye to the blemishes and flaws on your skin forever. The special ingredients in our makeup are specially designed to have an enduring effect on your body without clogging up your pores and damaging your skin in any way.

As its name suggest, it helps you to steer clear of the numerous sessions of makeup. If you are a celebrity or a busy working woman, you’ll never get time to fix the smudges and scars that haunt you every time you involve in an important meeting or a public performance. Rose al Arbaji beauticians are more than happy to execute this ultimate beauty styling to enhance your stylish appearance. 

With our services, not only will you be saving yourself from the adverse elements of your body but also saving yourself time and money. Imagine the freedom from extensive makeup kits and complex techniques throughout your life. And that’s exactly we offer to our discerning clients from the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE.
We believe makeup isn’t just about changing a person’s outer appearance, but an art—only when performed by the real experts in the field. 

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