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Nail Spa

There are plenty of reason why you have to go to a nail spa rather than doing your manicure and pedicure at home. Besides being a venue for taking care of all kinds of nail care you require, it serves as your perfect retreat to escape from the stressful modern life. It’s also a special space for female bonding. This is exactly what Rose al Arbaji nail spa extends to you with a portfolio of nail care services, including nail coloring, nail design and a premium celebrity nail spa service. 

Now step into a relaxing, friendly and comfortable environment, and experience a wide variety of quality services for nails from basic cleaning to the latest nail art techniques.
Our nail spa relieves you and your family the mundane and stressful day to day activities. While enjoying the soothing setting of our spa you can withdraw from the negative vibes that surrounds you in the form of work, school, traffic and so forth. Acknowledging your busy schedules that don’t let you care for your personal beauty and styling aspects, we built our nail spa. And here our nail stylists in a comforting environment give your nails the precision and elegance you eagerly wanted to sport, and never did because of the shortage of time and expert assistance. 

You can have each and every kind of nail art and colouring that you want from our nail spa. As in every service we offer, in our nail services also we bring you the global standard with a creative flair. Our nail stylists and the technology change the appearance of your nails to the envy of those in your social circle. Because we have made for you the best professional nail spa in the UAE which has transformed the concept of beauty salons in this region.

As the most eminent female celebrity styling salon in the Middle East, we’ve developed a special celebrity spa in our Dubai branch. It’s the area of creativity and innovation which play with the magical features of  amazing nail works. A lot of celebrities in the region have been opting for the services by Rose al Arbaji beauty salon because of the quality standard and the ingenuity we keep up with our nail care procedures. 

We also consider a host of health benefits in caring for your nails. With our treatment, we provide you the essential emollients to revive the skin and nails making them softer and healthier. We not only take care of the color and shape of the nails but also on the skin of your hands to retain their healthy and glamorous attributes.

It’s an inescapable fact that beauty and colors boost a woman’s confidence. It’s nature’s way of improving women’s well-being when they see new colors and textures in their surroundings. If a woman sees her hands being youthful and bursting with her favorite colors, it will definitely enhance her moods, uplift her spirits and give her a new inspiration. Indeed, you can achieve this invigorating sense from our complete nail spa which is located in Jumeirah, Dubai with a considerable client base all across the UAE, especially in the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

You can contact us now to know more about our nail spa services and book a session with our nail stylists.