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Hammam is synonymous with luxury since ancient times. Kings, queens and well-off people in the society used to indulge in its pampering ambiance. It was also considered premium in health care treatments thanks to its wellness and relaxation benefits. Today, hammam is part and parcel of any upscale beauty parlors and has gone through astounding changes over the years. You can now enjoy those advantages which were only affordable for the wealthy before. 

Rose al Arbaji’s  hammam services is endowed with the rich traditional values of Arab culture and includes a well-established procedure to give you a luxurious treatment. Our all-inclusive hammam facility in Jumeirah, Dubai, makes the most of the health benefits for our clients in a captivating setting. 

One of the most important benefits of hammam is its effectiveness in rehydrating skin and soothing redness and flakiness from your body. It also improves skin elasticity and clarity while at the same time act as an anti-aging procedure. 

Stepping into our beauty salon, you are giving yourself a healthy treat. This is a world of aroma that inspires in you sublime thoughts and fertile imagination. Our hammam packages are the best available ones in the UAE, and garner the attention of a large number of women, mainly from the emirate s of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah 
The exclusive section we set aside for hammam contains all the features that make it highly advanced, even as maintaining the characteristic of traditional design and structure. While participating in this treatment, you will never fail to notice and enjoy the elegant concepts behind it. 

Our instructors and masseuses are ready to assist you at any time of your sessions. With the help of these services, you can balance oil secretion in your skin and control acne and refine skin texture by removing dead skin layers. They also nourish your body with vitamins and minerals while reducing stress and anxiety to a great extent.
We are steadfast in ensuring hygiene and aesthetic quality of the hammam with a range of regular maintenance procedures. This ritual based body treatment we provide in our beauty spa has the finest services in aromatherapy, detoxification, steam, and massage. 

We take you to a world of relaxation and comfort giving a break to your strenuous routine with a beautiful ambiance where you can celebrate and socialize with like-minded people. Here is your retreat for a physical makeover that adds to your mental well -being as well.

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