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Facial & Skin Care

Our facial and skin care services aim to bring out the enchanting femininity concealed in your physique. The more you care for your body, the more flexible softer and shining it will become. As for the facials we provide, you can find an enormous selection from which you can choose the one that suits your body perfectly. Or if you are in doubt, our seasoned beauticians are at hand to give you expert opinion whenever you need them. 

In beauty salon services, face care is an essential aspect since any alteration on your face profoundly affects your overall appearance. If you can’t care for it well, nothing you do can make much difference in your charm. Our facial procedures are scientifically proven and executed using natural and medically approved ingredients. We also provide our unique flavoured facials in addition to the trendy methods. They cleanse and refresh your face to produce an energised and unblemished look that you covet so dearly.

While we offer a variety of treatments, we recommend that our professionally trained aestheticians help you decide which treatment suit you best. By letting them apply the methods in our skin care line, you can witness the real worth of professionalism and ingenuity in skin care and facial services.
Being the best celebrity beauty salon in Dubai, we’ve prepared for a variety of facials specially developed to meet the beauty aspirations of celebrities. If you are a celebrity or think you have the credentials to be one in the future, Rose al Arbaji facials will be your inseparable companion in your journey towards stardom. So, maintain the look that gives off confidence and magnificent shades of feminine beauty.

Our beauty spa has a significant role in our skin care procedures. It is a venue where you can take your entire burden off and enjoy the moments of calmness in an aromatic environment. The soothing touches of our body treatment specialists will take you to another world while providing you with improved blood circulation, pain relief, and flexibility and a lot other medicinal advantages.  As the best skin care provider based in Dubai, which appeals women from all other Emirates, mostly from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE, here you can go through a stimulating and professional skin care experience. 

Just like celebrity facials, we also provide specialised celebrity skin care facilities for the well-known and emerging talents. These particular services are formed by our expertise in world-class celebrity beauty care system, which are founded on the scientific and creative base to transform the look and feel of your skin entirely. When you go through our services, you are definitely in for a treat— a treat that can make you extremely proud of your body.

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