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Body Treatment & Massage

It is with the understanding of endless possibilities of human body that we embarked on a mission to find out the best procedures in body treatments. Body care through numerous techniques is a part of humanity since ancient times. Every culture that we know of has cultivated their peculiar methods of body care procedures. All of them have their positives and drawbacks, but ultimately they are intended to provide a medicinal and soothing value to people. Following the scientific revolution, as in every case, body treatment sector also changed tremendously, resulting in a much useful and beneficial techniques in this field. At Rose al Arbaji Beauty salon, we take the traditional treatments that have withstood the test of time and instill the scientific edge to every activity we perform in body treatment.
Are you looking for the best body massages that can improve your blood circulation and enliven your body and mind? You can find the most suitable massage services with us, which contains all varieties of massage services prevalent in the world. The tailored massage technique we’ve developed, combining only the best parts of numerous massage methods, can bring to you a myriad of advantages you haven’t experienced by far. 
It’s a common sight in the UAE that a multitude of massage parlour spread across the country, and in Dubai, you have encountered numerous sales pitches for massage services. Unfortunately, a majority of them are not working on scientific methods so that they could do much harm to your body instead of the pleasure or comfort you are seeking from them. Still worse, some of them are mired in dubious activities in the guise of massage parlors. It’s at this juncture Rose al Arbaji came up with a transparent and affordable massage system that strengthens the comfort and relaxation of your body by certified and well-trained masseuses for your maximum pleasure and relaxation.

Another major highlight of our salon is the specially allocated segment for celebrity body massage. Its part of our premium services that take us to the domain of best massage salons in Dubai. If you are a celebrity in any field, try our celebrity body treatments to attain the flexibility and refreshing appeal in your appearance. 
In our body treatment spa, you can undergo an outstanding number of facilities which are prepared to give your body a world-class treatment and enhance the strength and attractiveness of your physical structure. The ingredients we use, the way we apply them all show you the difference of Rose al Arbaji. Our body treatment oils are unique because of their medicinal and rejuvenating traits. They are made out of blending herbal elements in the right proportion. 
Now relax, transform, purify and revitalize your body by choosing from our several massage options. They include scrubs, body wraps and so on with the right combination of eastern and western methods. 
Our services are the outcome of expertise in the industry for years as well as the heritage handed down to us from the pioneers in the field. And this characteristic has made us among the most influential body treatment centres in the UAE, where we draw clients mostly from the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. 

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