Rose Arbaji 

A celebrity beauty and fitness expert who's offering glamorous beauty advice. The sophistication of Rose Al
Arbaji is mirrored by the owner, Rose Arbaji, a talented Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert who gained her
qualifications in the UK. Rose Al Arbaji salon, established in 2002 in Damascus,
has successfully opened two new branches in Beirut and Dubai.
The aim of this unique beauty salon is to become a leader in its industry.

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Press & Activities

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Rose Arbaji is sharing her experience as a medical consultant, by starting a new Tv show on Hawas Tv everyday during Ramadan.

Hosting doctors and nutritions, trainers and life experts, to discuss health, beauty and medical topics.

Ambassador of Versace Lenses 19V69 Italia

Versace Lenses 19V69 Italia chose Rose Arbaji to be the ambassador of their brand, because of her social stature, important media presence, community relations, in addition to the love of her audience and of course because her eyes look and style suits with Versace international brand look standards.

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Ambassador of MartiDerm Arabia

Rose Arbaji is the regional brand ambassador of MartiDerm Arabia

MartiDerm Arabia chose Rose Arbaji to be their regional brand ambassador because Rose Arbaji is the most trusted image consultant in the Middle East. With her passionate devotion and huge impact on the beauty care and celebrity styling sector of the region.

And Rose Arbaji is MartiDerm's representative and media face in the Middle East and Gulf.